Our Mission

To maximize quality of life through patient-focused chiropractic solutions and facilitate wellness of body, mind, and soul.

Our Story

Photo of Joe and Stephanie

Our Staff

Creative Pathways Chiropractic is the heart and soul creation of two great friends that met while in chiropractic school together. Sharing similar values, ideals and a genuine compassion for the human condition, the two were destined to form a partnership and open a practice together in their hometown of San Diego. Built on a foundation of dedication and determination, Creative Pathways is the manifestation of what began as a dream several years ago and has now transformed into a glorious reality. We welcome you all to come share our dream with us.

Our Staff

Dr. Stephanie Zobitz, D.C.

Dr. Stephanie’s chiropractic journey began after suffering for years from a multitude of afflictions. It was not until she ruptured a disc that she found herself in a chiropractic office. As divine intervention would have it, her life from that moment on would be forever changed. Stephanie experienced a healing so profound in fact, that she decided on a career change. After many years of incredible success in the commercial printing industry, Stephanie decided to take on a new challenge and go back to school in her 40s. Balancing the stresses of academia and the everyday requirements of family life was no simple task, but Stephanie was determined to excel at both.

Stephanie’s hard work was recognized when she graduated with honors, earning Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West. She is currently attending the Carrick Institute and is working toward her diplomate in Neurology.

Dr. Stephanie’s incomparable commitment to excellence and compassionate nature will inspire healing for many years to come.

Dr. Joseph Coppolino, D.C.

Dr. Joe’s chiropractic journey began similarly. Shortly after graduating from journalism school, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained multiple musculoskeletal injuries. After numerous failed attempts by physical therapists, Joe found himself on a chiropractic table for the first time. Within a matter of weeks, he was back to enjoying full physical activities. He was so enthused with his recovery that he decided to put aside his writing and go back to school to pursue a career in chiropractic.

Having enjoyed a long and successful athletic career throughout high school and college, Joe is no stranger to the toll physical activity can have on the body. Familiarity with repetitive micro-traumas cultivated a passion within himself to create an effective protocol in healing injuries in the quickest and most effective manner possible. Dr. Joe’s goal is to get you off the bench and back in the game of life.