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Do you want to greatly Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness and Maximize Your Quality of Life? Do you want to eliminate pain and discomfort at its source, providing long lasting relief? Well look no further because you are in the perfect place. At Creative Pathways Chiropractic, every patient receives 100% of our efforts and we will do everything possible to address your healthcare goals and desires. Our comprehensive and patient-specific treatment plans may include any or all of the following:

  • Zone Adjustments
  • Extremity Adjustments
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Lifestyle Education to Facilitate:
    • strengthen mind-body communication
    • increase vitality
    • promote longevity
    • stress reduction
    • pain relief
    • maximize your full potential
    • co-creation of personal happiness


“When I brought my 82-year-old mother into Creative Pathways Chiropractic, she was hunched over and completely dependent on her walker. They increased her strength, improved her balance and restored her confidence. After only a month, she was walking for extended periods throughout the day and standing up straight. Thank you so much.”
Amelia F. – Encinitas

“I had pain, tingling and occasional numbness in both my hands for years. After only several weeks of care, my symptoms have vanished.”
Joanne W. – Carlsbad

“Love the comprehensive approach to wellness. Body – Mind – Soul Incredible!”
Jonathan C. – Encinitas

“Every question was answered and concern addressed. The adjustment was incredibly gentle. I feel great. Thanks so much.”
Chris T. – Encinitas

“My arthritis and chronic joint pain caused me to give up running several years back. As a result, I gained weight and became very depressed. Dr. Stephanie and Joe got me motivated to start walking again. My weight has come down and pain has significantly decreased. My goal is to eventually run a 5K and I know with their encouragement, I will do it. Thanks guys.”
Helen M. – Carlsbad

“I have had irritable bowel syndrome for as long as I can remember, suffering at least 4 nights a week. When Dr. Stephanie said she could help, I was hesitant to believe her. Well it has been 4 months now and not one bout of IBS. I sure am a believer now.”
Linda B. – San Diego

“These guys are true outside-of-the-box thinkers. This is the future of healthcare and I’m glad to be on the path.”
Wissam F. – Encinitas

“I had been to countless doctors for my chronic low back pain and was ready to give up. A friend referred me to Creative Pathways Chiropractic. In addition to treatment, I was given these amazing exercises to do at home. After only two weeks, my pain has decreased from a consistent 8-10 to an occasional 4.”
Steve G. – Encinitas

“Migraines GONE!!! I repeat….Migraines GONE!!! Thank you so very much.”
Sharon G. – Del Mar